Instructions for Accessing TruView - Vol Walker Interior/Exterior Interim Results 09.12.11

  1. Download the free Viewer : Leica TruView Internet Explorer Plug-in at the following link: NOTE: You are able to use TruView once without the plug-in; The plug-in is for Windows Internet Explorer only.
  2. Open the TruView Site Map in Internet Explorer by going to:
  3. Floor 1 - Pre Demolition:

    Floor 2 - Pre Demolition:

Floor 3 - Pre Demolition:

Basement - Pre Demolition:

Exterior - Pre Demolition:

The site map opens with each of the scanner locations marked with a yellow triangle and the name of the scan > Left Click in the center of the icon to open the TruView Space   
NOTE: These icons are hyperlinks into the TruView space where you have a view from the source/scanner's view point - You will see exactly what the scanner saw from that location, and depending on settings, the other scanner locations may be visible; if an error appears, confirm that you are using Internet Explorer

Once in the TruView Space, navigate, take measurements, and move between scanner locations as wanted.  Basic Navigation: PAN = Left Mouse + Drag, ZOOM = Roll Middle Mouse. 

Also see the information tabs on the left and the tool icons:
Measure Tab - shows the properties of measurements taken and allows the user to set the units; This is also where the user adjusts the visibility of other scan locations (ie: Neighbor TruViews) and the visibility of the point cloud based on range or altitude (when these fields are not checked, the full range and altitude is displayed)
Markup Tab - displays the information about the user's markups and allows markup.xml files to be imported and exported
View Tab - Allows the user to create and save specific views Toolbar Icons:

Open Site Map
Draw Oval
Draw Rectangle
View Hyperlinks Mode
Markup Mode
Label Coordinate of Scan Point
Pan/Zoom Mode
Label Distance
Query Scan Point Coordinate
Query Distance
Draw Arrow from arrow point to tail
Place Hotlink